How to Create the best SEO Strategy In 2023

You will discover in this article, step-by-step How to Create the best SEO Strategy. In reality, this strategy has assisted me in increasing my website’s organic monthly traffic from 10,000 to 120,000. What Exactly Is an SEO Plan?

A search engine optimization strategy, sometimes known as an “SEO approach,” is the process of organizing and putting into practice measures aimed at enhancing organic search engine ranks.

To put it another way, an SEO strategy is a procedure you use to increase organic traffic.

The following are the procedures to develop an SEO plan in 2022:

  • 1- Pick the Right Website Structure
  • 2- Use SEO-Friendly URL
  • 3- Optimize Meta Title and Description
  • 4- Do Keyword Research
  • 5-Use Keywords in H1, H2 Tags
  • 6- Use Keywords in Alt Tag
  • 7- Write Quality and Long-Form Content

1- Pick the Right Website Structure

The structural projection of an informative space that allows for easy content access may be referred to as the structure of a website. When creating a methodical approach to the process of building appropriate navigation, a website’s structure is crucial.

2- Use SEO-Friendly URL

Make SEO-friendly URLs a priority for the following reasons: Focused URLs boost click-through rates; on a search results page, your URL makes up one-third of what users see. You’ll receive a greater CTR if it is concentrated rather than jumbled.


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