7 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy for Businesses in 2023

Too many businesses are using social media as their main marketing strategy. They are aware that they need to develop some social media marketing techniques, but they are unsure of how to go. Because they are young and should be familiar with social media, several businesses simply grant younger staff employees access to the company’s social media accounts. But the post-and-hope social media technique is long gone. All companies must develop a social media marketing plan and manage their social media presence in a methodical, considered manner.

1. Pick Goals for Social Media Marketing That Are Relevant and Realistic
2, Make a SWOT analysis.
3. Select the Social Media Audience You Want.
4. Recognize your audience on social media
5. Choose the Appropriate Social Media Platforms for Your Audience
6. Examine how your rivals use social media.
7. Set a Budget for Social Media That Is Realistic

1. Pick Goals for Social Media Marketing That Are Relevant and Realistic

The fact that many firms using social media for marketing purposes have never taken the time to develop relevant and practical social media marketing goals is one of the biggest issues they confront. They are on social media because they must be, but they have no clue why. Of course, your overall business planning must incorporate your social media marketing strategy. In a perfect world, you would have set strategic goals for the growth of your business. Your broad business goals should complement your


Make a SWOT analysis.

It’s a good idea to conduct a SWOT analysis since it’s a quick and easy approach to identifying your opportunities, threats, and areas of strength and weakness. Then, you can utilize the findings to create a new and more effective social media marketing plan.

To finish your SWOT analysis, respond to the following questions:


  • What are you good at?

  • What are your main assets?

  • What gives you the edge over your rivals?

2. Analyse Your Target Market  in Social Media Marketing Strategy

As soon as you have a good company concept, you should start researching your target market. Since they are your main source of revenue, your potential customers are after all the most important component of your plan.

To attract your audience and maintain their interest, you need to know significantly more about them than just their basic demographics (age, sex, location, education, work position, income, and marital status).

3. Set SMART objectives.

The Smart goal formula is a tried-and-true method for setting goals when you require a defined framework to adhere to.

What it stands for is as follows:

Specific – Describe your plans for achieving your objectives.
Measurable – Think of strategies to keep an eye on your development.
Realistic – Make sure to keep your goals within reach.
Relevant – Align your social media objectives with your corporate objectives.
Time-bound: Assign each goal a deadline.


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